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Specializing in brass Pacific Fast Mail/ United geared locomotives

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Chilnualna Creek Timber Company Shay #1...

Original drawing courtesy of Rich Kacin, modified by 'The Shay Fixer'...



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I Buy Shay Parts and Geared Locomotives...

almost any manufacturer...

parts could be u-joints/metal or plastic splines/worm and tower gears/trucks/etc.


 basket-case geared locomotives/estate sale or what have you......

at a reasonable price of course since I reuse these parts to repair other peoples, just like you, Shays and other geared locomotives...


At this point in time,

Your spare parts box is my primary source of parts for repair of these brass works of art...


No quantity too small to purchase! 


Please, give me a call at:

 530.253.3060 PST

and lets talk about how your generosity can help restore to operation one of these magnificent geared locomotives...

~ Thank you so much... ~



If you have or know of:



...Please contact me immediately...


I would love to have the opportunity to work out a deal with you. Thank you kindly for your time, effort and consideration...

Thanks again, Phil





...your brass imports master mechanic...

We are now repairing the split drive gears on:

HO Bachmann 80-Ton 3-truck Shays with the NWSL Part#2800-6 Regear kit

*** NWSL is making new driveline gears for this Shay as of 021216... 'due in' sometime in March 2016 ***

On30 Bachmann 2-truck T-Boiler Shay with the NWSL Part#28001-6 Regear kit

 and the

On30 Bachmann 2-truck Climax with new Bachmann driveline and truck parts

Turnaround is quick and price is most reasonable...Contact me for details...


...it's like a treadmill for your engines...
...and of course...
It is all done right here in beautiful Northeastern California...USA!!!   ...handcrafted in the USA for modelers and hobbyists worldwide...   It is all done right here in beautiful Northeastern California...USA!!!


...custom nickel wheel and parts plating...


...the brass Shay or Climax of your dreams...lies only a click away...

...and don't forget books and genuine PFM parts too...

I have in house, the largest remaining inventory/selection of original PFM/United factory Shay parts in the world!!!

Also in house, is the largest remaining PFM/United factory inventory of parts for the : PFM/United HOn3 Sumpter Valley 2-6-6-2’s…all runs,

PFM/United HOn3 Uintah Railroad 2-6-6-2 and PFM/United’s HO Mason Bogie 2-6-4T...



...did you think that we could sit around upon success and do nothing...


...this is the next step in getting 'satisfaction guaranteed'...


 ...here you are directed to other quality friends and services...


Philip M. Floyd (530) 253-3060 PST


webmaster:  dawglife4me                                                                                                               website updated: 102316


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How about satisfied customers? Here is a sampling...


George from Coeur d’Alene, Idaho…

Ahhhh, Phil,

I finally got into your website AND, it looks great!



Grandad Eldon, The Motorman, from Hurst, Texas...

Hello Phil

Want to thank you for your referral of your customer Barry. He called me today.

Your website is an outstanding piece of work!!

Happy trains!! Thank you...


Jan from Gaithersburg, Maryland…


I can't thank you enough for providing the correct part numbers for those connectors. It is just what I have been looking for so long. Many thanks...




Stan from www.stanstrains.com

Hi Phil,

 I've looked at your web site. Your craftsmanship and your attention to detail are impressive! BTW, if the disc I'm shipping tomorrow arrives damaged, I'll ship the next one in a metal box.

 Brass of course...





Hollis from Weston, Ontario, Canada...


I am happy you acknowledged my email. I am still looking around for a replacement part, if however, I am unable to get one, I will ship the truck. Appreciate you replying to my email. I look at your site and you do amazing work. I admire it greatly!



Dave from Lewisville, Texas…


I have been meaning to tell you that it was nice to see your picture in the Model Railroad Hobbyist Magazine.  Maybe you are going to get some of the credit you have earned.

 It was good to meet you up in Seattle and I am glad I brought you my std. gauge shay to repair with my new HON3 you are working on for me.

 Congratulations again,



Pete from New Hampshire...

Hi Phil,

Are the toothed wheel gears on (non-helical geared) Cowichan's, Hillcrest's and Benson's so delicate that they aren't going to last very long in actual operation no matter what care is given them? The model runs well, but I compare those baby teeth to the teeth on a B-2 Shay...hmmm!

…Beautiful model work on your website!

By the way- I recommended you and Nano Oil to Bob Brown at the Gazette for a story. Don't know if he followed up, but I think you have some valuable techniques for PFM Shays. Thanks again...


Grandad Eldon, The Motorman, from Hurst, Texas...


I love your website!! Dem critters are cute!!

 You have motivated me big time, I got to get my website in shape!!


Happy trains!!


Dave from Manitowish Waters, Wisconsin…


The photos are beautiful. Did you use a cam for the chuff rate or CV 116?


my Shay is running fine now, thanks!!!...


Craig from Melbourne, Florida...



Sure enjoyed our conversation.  Your great knowledge of "All Things Shay" will probably in the end save me a lot of aggravation (as well as money).  No need to reply to this email - it's just a thanks for the call and the info you passed on.


The plan we settled on makes a lot of sense.  The Bachman’s were, at best, stopgap fixes until I could get the brass fixed.  The plan to queue the brass up for the first of the year is fine with me - I can get rid of the Bachman’s and use the funds for the rest. The two Cowichan HOn3 Shays and the HOn3 Heisler will serve my needs nicely.  I'll check in from time to time and let you know how the DC loco on DCC track works with the workaround you gave me.


Hope your healing and PT goes well, and that you have the same success I've had.  It makes a lot of difference on how you feel after it's all over.


Thanks again,


Wayne from Red Lodge, Montana…


Thanks for the reply.  I decided to try the re-motoring myself and things worked out just fine.

Thank you and by the way, you have an excellent website!








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